Early Mover FAQ for Students

Wintec and Toi Ohomai became part of Te Pūkenga on 31 May 2022. This was part of the wider plan that will see all 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics across Aotearoa brought together into one network of on-the-job, on-campus and online learning.

The two subsidiaries were referred to as ‘early movers’.  Read the full article... 

What is an Early Mover ITP?

Early movers were change-ready ITP subsidiaries that moved into Te Pūkenga ahead of the development of functional organisational design within the Operating Model. 

Before 31 May 2022 Toi Ohomai and Wintec were separate legal entities with their own Board, Chief Executive, and employees. Being an “early mover” means the operations of the two subsidiaries moved into Te Pūkenga. The Early Mover mahi is about bringing the network onto the same waka so that leadership at both a regional and national level is aligned.  

Why did the Early Mover ITP work happen? 

The Early Mover ITP mahi refines the process of subsidiaries becoming a part of Te Pūkenga. This project offers opportunities to kaimahi, ākonga, employers and Tiriti partners and stakeholders connected to Te Pūkenga, and subsidiary organisations about what works in the process.

Because this process is supported by the strength, skills and talent of Wintec and Toi Ohomai kaimahi and leaders the Early Movers process carried lower risk.

Who were the Early Movers?  

Wintec and Toi Ohomai were identified as being change ready and became part of Te Pūkenga by 31 May 2022. This exciting development saw Toi Ohomai and Wintec lead the sector as the first two ITPs to transition into our new unified, national network. The change highlighted the readiness of our two institutes, and the strengths of our collective teams.

When did this happen? 

The completion of the move of Toi Ohomai and Wintec into Te Pūkenga was finalised 31 May 2022. 

What does the Early Mover ITPs mahi mean for ākonga? 

There's no change to the day-to-day teaching and learning activities of staff and learners. All relationships with tutors and programmes continue seamlessly. 

  • Our learners remain enrolled in their current programme

What does the Early Mover ITPs mahi mean for our international learners?   

There are no implications for our international learners, and they can continue to enrol in both institutes as they normally would.  

What happens with graduation?

  • For 2023: Graduation events will continue as normal with the subsidiary i.e. (Toi Ohomai branded). Academic dress and regalia will not change for 2023 and at this stage, no decisions have been made for how regalia will be treated and managed beyond 2023.
  • For 2024: Graduation events will be a partnership sharing responsibility between the subsidiary and Te Pūkenga to run the graduation 
  • 2025 and beyond: Graduation events will be managed through a coordinated, network-wide Te Pūkenga approach


  • Learners who complete their studies in 2022 will receive a co-branded parchment certificate
  • Learners that complete fully in 2022 but are not conferred before 2023, or who start a programme in 2022 and finish after 2022 will receive co-branded certificates
  • Learners who start a programme from 2023 onwards will receive Te Pūkenga certificates
  • Learners that are part of a Work Based Learning (WBL) business division from June 2022 until mid 2023 will receive co-branded certificates

Was this a merger?

No. Toi Ohomai and Wintec were welcomed into Te Pūkenga ahead of the operating model, at the same time. The new organisation draws on the strength, skills, talent and dedication of kaimahi to realise our vision - Whakairohia he toki, tāraia te anamata - Learning with purpose, creating our futures. 

Was this a regional merger? 

No. While Toi Ohomai and Wintec have close regional proximity, they moved because they were change-ready. 

What will happen to the Toi Ohomai and Wintec brand, campus names and building names? 

The Toi Ohomai and Wintec name and brands will remain in place until end of March 2023 when they'll fully transition to Te Pūkenga along with all other ITPs across the network.

Campus and building names are not impacted by the early mover work. These remain as they are until such a time as the full subsidiary network transition takes place. Te Tiriti Partners are being engaged in a tikanga-led engagement process to inform campus and building names. 

What happens to taonga Māori associated with both Toi Ohomai and Wintec? 

Toi Ohomai and Wintec taonga Māori, both physical and non-physical, will not be impacted by the early mover date. This important mahi will be conducted with Te Tiriti Partners, Toi Ohomai and Wintec senior Māori staff and Te Pūkenga throughout 2022.   

What has the Early mover mahi meant for Te Tiriti relationship holders? 

Local mana whenua and Te Tiriti Partner relationships continue to be upheld and nurtured at a local level as they have been. 

Have the faculties changed? 

No, there is no change to Faculties. Toi Ohomai and Wintec have not merged in any way.