Free Courses Offered in High-Demand Industries

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Tuesday, 21 Jul 2020

As New Zealand unites to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology will be offering free courses in a range of high-demand industries. 

The courses have been chosen from sectors where demand from employers is strong, or is expected to grow, and are being funded as part of the Government’s $320m Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) announced in June.

Toi Ohomai Chief Executive, Dr. Leon Fourie, supports the decision which he says will ensure those out of work or rethinking their current career path, are provided the opportunity to retrain and upskill.

“As we now look to come together and unite in our unwavering focus to rebuild our economy, our workplaces and our businesses, we need to ensure we have a trained workforce ready to go in industries that will need skilled and job-ready graduates.”

Courses on offer at Toi Ohomai include those in the primary industries, construction, community support, manufacturing, electrical engineering and road transport sectors, to name a few.

“By removing the financial barriers that many people face when deciding to study or retrain will result in a skilled pipeline of workers in sectors that already face workforce shortages.

“Each industry and sector will have its own challenges, needs and opportunities. We know how important it is to adapt and stay relevant in a time of constant change – it’s why the catchphrase ‘lifelong learning’ has become so popular in recent years.”

TTAF is just one part of the $1.6b Trades and Apprenticeships training package announced as a key aspect of the 2020 Budget, which will also pay course related fees for all apprentices, across all industries.

“Through these types of innovative approaches, New Zealand will be in a unique position to stabilise our economy, while adapting to the current business climate,” says Dr. Fourie.

Many of these free courses start late July, early August so there is still time to apply. A full list of available courses can be found on TTAF webpage. Late enrolment is available, please phone 0800 86 46 46.

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