COVID-19 Updates

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Notifying us of a Positive COVID-19 Test

If you (staff, students, visitors to campus) test positive for COVID-19 (either PCR or RAT), you'll need to complete the form below as soon as possible to enable our contact tracers to quickly contact you and trace your whereabouts.

Notify us of a positive COVID-19 test

Update 27 April 2022 - Orange Settings

For most indoor and outdoor areas (including classrooms) face masks are now strongly encouraged. In the following public areas you still need to wear a face mask. These locations include:

  • Toi Ohomai cafés including Melting Pot and Breaktime
  • Libraries - unless eating
  • Information Centre and regional administration areas
  • You may also be required to wear a mask in a close-proximity business such as our hair salons. 

To keep everyone safe and well, please continue to:

  • stay home if you are sick
  • wear a mask, when required to and encouraged when you can't distance
  • get tested for COVID-19 if you are sick with cold/flu symptoms

If you test positive or are a household contact:

Update 4 April 2022 - Vaccine Mandates Cease

We recently asked for your feedback regarding the review of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Proposal, which examined the new risk of the Omicron variant and considered recent Government changes to vaccine mandates. Thank you to all those that provided valuable responses on this proposal.


Toi Ohomai has decided to cease the current vaccine mandates for all Toi Ohomai kaimahi, ākonga and others who access any of our campuses or managed events unless deemed through legislation or updates to our current risk assessment proposal.

This change will mean our Toi Ohomai Vaccination Policy will cease from 12 pm, Monday 4 April.

At the centre of this kaupapa is to ensure we all take a risk-based approach that appropriately strikes a balance between inclusion and equity for kaimahi and ākonga and our health and safety obligations.

Feedback from kaimahi and ākonga    

There is a significant amount of positive sentiment toward lifting the Toi Ohomai Vaccination Policy. This support is due to our high vaccination rates, and other existing control measures such as mask-wearing. Also, the risk of the variant is no higher at work than what is currently present across our community rohe. 

Key points to note from this feedback, in line with the findings from our Risk Assessment:  

  • Omicron variant within a highly immune population has a less severe impact than in previous environments
  • Other existing controls will remain in place, and it will be important for all kaimahi and ākonga to take collective responsibility to continue to adhere to these measures – including mask-wearing
  • Kaimahi and ākonga must be vigilant and not come to campus if they have symptoms or are household contacts of COVID cases. Please ensure that if you are unwell, stay home and get a RAT test

Statement from Te Pūkenga

Today, our parent organisation, Te Pūkenga released a position statement outlining their response to the shift in public health measures, and after receiving guidance from the Government. The Te Pūkenga statement aligns with our position that supports the temporary suspension of all subsidiary vaccination policies, effective 5 April 2022. 

Continued Wellness

If you are one of our ākonga who are vulnerable or at risk, we want to understand your specific circumstances to support you in whatever way we can to feel safe and minimise your risk while on campus. Please speak with your tutor regarding your situation in the first instance. Your tutors will be able to work through options with you. 

We’re currently working on updates to the COVID-19 Information FAQs pages on both our website and on the Student Hub. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email [email protected] 

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    Need Help?

    All our student support services are available to provide you with any support you may need during this time. If you’re experiencing hardship or need more information about where to get financial, academic or health and wellbeing assistance, please get in touch with us or contact your tutor. In particular, you may be interested in the Hardship Fund for Learners financial assistance

    Domestic students can email our Learning Success Team and international students can email our International Team. Alternatively, you can contact our engagement facilitators via Moodle.

    Need more information?

    If you have further questions, please email [email protected] – we have a dedicated team to respond and, if required, to redirect any questions.