Aquatic and Fitness Centre (Tauranga)

  • Keith Martin

    Keith Martin

    Manager, Toi Ohomai Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tauranga (Windermere Campus)

    Keith has worked at the Aquatic and Fitness Centre (Te Pare a Ruahine) for more than eight years. Originally from Ireland, Keith has always loved sports and being active. He loves all forms of training and doesn’t believe one-size fits all, working closely with gym members to create the best possible fitness regime that works for them.

    One of his biggest personal sporting achievements was completing the 60km Kepler track in the South Island a few years ago in just 8.5 hours.  He says it was an absolutely stunning run/walk. Keith enjoys competing in running events and has completed a few marathons as well as half marathons over the years. He’s also dabbled in triathlons, competing in both road and off road events.

    Specialist Areas: running, triathlons, weight loss


  • Rachel Koch

    Rachael Koch

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tauranga (Windermere Campus)

    As a trained dancer and dancing teacher, Rachel understands the benefits of being physically fit and wants to share that knowledge with gym members.

    She has worked in the fitness industry for the past two years and believes in a total wellness approach. She believes everyone who steps through the door of a gym has their own story about why they are there and aims to develop relationships with members to find out their background and what makes them tick. This helps to provide the right education and training so members achieve their goals.

    Specialist Areas: high intensity interval training, hypertrophy, functional training, endurance running


  • Hawaiki Lardelli

    Hawaiki Lardelli

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tauranga (Windermere Campus)

    Growing up, Hawaiki always loved waka ama as well as surfing. So, it is no surprise that she has clocked up more than 30 medals at waka competitions over the years. She also enjoyed playing other sports including wrestling, netball and ultimate Frisbee.

    Hawaiki says she feels privileged to be able to share her knowledge of sport and fitness at Te Pare a Ruahine and cannot wait to finish her degree in Sport and Recreation and grow her skill-set so she is able to apply her learning with members.

    Specialist Areas: personal training, swimming coach, high intensity interval training, olympic lifting, hypertrophy


  • Darian Evelyn

    Darian Evelyn

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tauranga (Windermere Campus)

    Darian really enjoys the functional and Hiit circuit style of training. It benefits his own hobbies including surfing, mountain biking and off-road running. So, he knows that members at the gym will also benefit from this style of training.

    An interesting fact you may not know about Darian is that he was born in Saarbrucken, Germany. His biggest sporting achievement is surviving the Tongariro Goat run.

    Specialist Areas: group fitness, personal training


  • Shawn Clarkson

    Shawn Clarkson

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tauranga (Windermere Campus)

    Shawn has always enjoyed sport including cricket, rugby and water polo. In 2009 he joined the gym with his brother and three years later, after completing the Cert4Fitness course at Toi Ohomai, he became part of the staff crew at the Aquatic and Fitness Centre (Te Pare a Ruahine).

    Shawn enjoys helping members achieve their fitness goals and is a big fan of workouts with a bit of variety such as functional fitness or anything to do with boot camps and bodyweight movements. He also enjoys weight training mainly in the area of hypertrophy and enjoys outdoor activities including trail running and hunting.

    Specialist Areas: functional fitness, boot camps, weight training


  • Megan Read

    Megan Read

    Gym Instructor and Massage Bodyworker, Toi Ohomai Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tauranga (Windermere Campus)

    As a life-long athlete and coach of various sports, Megan decided to pursue her passion and studied to become a fitness trainer after working in the construction industry for more than two decades. She gained a graduate position at Te Pare a Ruahine in 2007, which lead to a full time position and where she continues to enjoy working.

    Megan considers herself a student of life for life and is always looking for ways to upskill that will develop her knowledge to help empower her clients. Megan is a past CrossFit Australasian champ, Waka Ama world champ and Women’s Rugby representative. She enjoys off-road running, mountain biking and pest control to protect our Kiwi! 

    Specialist Areas: strength and metabolic conditioning, massage and corrective exercises, mobility