Toi Ohomai Competition Terms & Conditions

Toi Ohomai Student Experience Surveys 2022 (Semester 2)

The Survey

These terms and conditions (Terms) apply to four surveys being run by Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (trading as Toi Ohomai) in Semester 2, 2022 where students or graduates are invited to answer a number of questions, in one or more surveys, about their initial experience, how satisfied they are with their programme of study and the teaching of that programme, or their current employment and future study plans. 

The four surveys are the Programme Satisfaction Survey (Programme Survey), the Teaching Satisfaction Survey (Teaching Survey), the Graduate Destination Survey (Graduate Survey) and the Student Experience Survey (Student Experience) (collectively, the Surveys).  

Programme Satisfaction Survey and Teaching Satisfaction Survey Entry Criteria 

  1. The Programme Survey and Teaching Survey are open to all Toi Ohomai actively enrolled students including domestic, international and Secondary Tertiary Partnership students, but excludes those enrolled on an eCampus programme, or on a training scheme (the Students).
  2. The Teaching Survey may be completed for every tutor that Student has for the different courses within their programme of study.
  3. The Programme Survey may only be completed once, for the programme the student is enrolled on. 

Graduate Destination Survey Entry Criteria 

  1. The Graduate Survey is open to Toi Ohomai graduates, both domestic and international, who successfully completed their qualification in 2021, but excludes those enrolled on an eCampus programme, on a training scheme, or Secondary Tertiary Partnership students (Graduates).
  2. Graduates may only complete the Graduate Survey once.

Student Experience Survey Entry Criteria

  1. The Student Experience Survey is open to all Toi Ohomai actively enrolled domestic and international students, but excludes those enrolled on an eCampus programme, on a training scheme, or as a Secondary Tertiary Partnership student (SE Students).
  2. SE Students may only complete the Student Experience Survey once.

General Entry Terms

  1. Entry into the Surveys is free.
  2. The Semester 2, 2022 Survey period is 8am Monday 11 July 2022 until 8am Wednesday 30 November 2022 (Timeframe).  Only Surveys submitted during the Timeframe will be included in the prize draw.
  3. All SE Students, Students and Graduates who complete one or more of the Surveys, within the Timeframe, will go into a draw to win one of six Visa Debit cards (valued at $100 each).
  4. SE Students, Students and Graduates participating in the Surveys agree to be bound by these Terms.
  5. Contractors and employees of Toi Ohomai, are not eligible for the prize draw.
  6. Toi Ohomai may, in its sole discretion, cancel the Surveys at any time, for any reason. In this event, Toi Ohomai will publish notification of cancellation of the Surveys on the Toi Ohomai Hub student app, on the fortnightly In The Loop! e-newsletter (during semester time) and on social media. 


  1. The winners will be drawn randomly by Toi Ohomai and Toi Ohomai will not enter into any correspondence regarding the final winners. The draw for the winners will take place on Wednesday 7 December 2022 by the Academic Quality Team.
  2. There are six $100 Visa Debit cards to be won by SE Students, Students or Graduates who complete the Surveys between 8am Monday 11 July 2022 and 8am Wednesday 30 November 2022.
  3. The winners are responsible for ensuring that their contact details are up to date with Toi Ohomai – this includes their mobile number, physical address and email address and the winners will be notified by Toi Ohomai using those contact details held. 
  4. The winners must acknowledge receipt of the message from Toi Ohomai within 48 hours – failure to do so may result in Toi Ohomai choosing another winner. No correspondence will be entered into in this regard.
  5. Toi Ohomai may require the winners to provide proof of identity before their gift card can be claimed.
  6. The winners agree to be interviewed by Toi Ohomai (if required) and acknowledge that their name, photo, programme of study and all or part of any interview may be published by Toi Ohomai.