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  • Te Pae Tata Launch

    Developing Cultural Consciousness

    Kelly-Anne Panapa and Rick Hopcroft, Project Leads

    Globally, organisations are looking at how to harness diversity to improve outcomes. Closer to home, we are looking at ways to ensure equity of access and outcomes for all. 

    Central to this is cultural competence, and embracing and developing bicultural practices and knowledge across… Read the full article

  • Stephen Cantor

    Understanding The Value of Horticulture

    Stephen Cantor, Academic Staff Member, Horticulture

    Fresh, healthy food should be a right, not a privilege and helping students produce this for themselves, their whānau and wider community is one of the most rewarding roles Stephen Cantor has done.

    Stephen is an Academic Staff Member in the horticulture department at Toi Ohomai Institute… Read the full article

  • Heddell Raerino

    Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori

    Heddell Raerino, Kura Māori Associate Dean

    Raising awareness and putting te reo at the forefront is the backbone of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori but Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Kura Māori Associate Dean Heddell Raerino hopes the awareness week won’t be needed in the future.

    Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori is an annual event in which New… Read the full article

  • Quinton Bidois

    The Importance of Embracing Matariki

    Quinton Bidois, Academic Staff Member, Creative Industries

    Reflecting on the past and spending time with whānau are key aspects of Matariki. 

    Matariki signals the Māori New Year and the introduction of a public holiday to celebrate the event is a huge step in Aotearoa becoming a true bicultural country.

    Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology… Read the full article

  • Kelly Pender

    Examining Features of Māori Academic Success

    Kelly Pender, Senior Academic Staff Member, Sports Department

    Graduates providing nine years of data guided Kelly Pender through his research examining features of Māori academic success, with an aim to identify how to bridge the gap within the education sector.  

    Kelly is a Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Senior Academic Staff Member and… Read the full article

  • Noel Remacle

    Teaching Skill and Passion for Hospitality Industry

    Noel Remacle, Culinary Arts Tutor

    New Zealand’s hospitality industry is one that is rebuilding after COVID-19 and is crying out for passionate and innovative staff. 

    Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology culinary arts tutor Noel Remacle aims to help fill that gap by teaching with passion and giving students realistic, hands-… Read the full article

  • Dr. Philip Lopez

    Technology in Education

    Dr Philip Lopez, Senior Academic Staff Member, Faculty of Health, Education and Environment – Department of Nursing

    Embracing the future and changing face of teaching and education is a challenge Dr. Philip Lopez is ready for.

    The Toi Ohomai nursing tutor says despite the shift to online learning teachers still need to teach with heart. 

    “During the early phases of man’s road towards… Read the full article

  • Campbell Macgregor

    Bone Health At Forefront

    Campbell Macgregor, Academic Lead, Health Department

    Understanding the inequities of bone health has been a key focus of Toi Ohomai Academic Lead Campbell Macgregor. 

    In February last year Campbell was due to go to Minneapolis in the United States to attend the International Society of Clinical Densitometry’s (ISCD) 26th annual conference,… Read the full article

  • Donna Dinsdale

    A lifetime of learning

    Donna Dinsdale, Senior Academic Staff Member, Faculty of Business, Design and Service Industries

    She dodges social media, but Donna Dinsdale can’t hide away from success and a certain degree of fame. 

    The Toi Ohomai Senior Academic Staff Member is a Creative Industries Tutor and fashion design is her specialty. She’s been part of this tertiary team for 20 years, teaching across… Read the full article

  • Sue Werry (left) and Heather Vail have developed an International Student Learning resource.

    Unique resource launched to support international student learning

    Heather Vail and Sue Werry, Senior Academic Staff Member and Principal Academic Staff Member

    The authors of a resource that will help educators provide better learning experiences for international tertiary students expect it to attract interest from across the sector.

    The International Student Learning resource is the culmination of research by Heather Vail and Sue Werry as they… Read the full article