Student Experience at Toi Ohomai

Trying to decide what to study? We have a variety of Student Experience options available to anyone considering their study options at Toi Ohomai,  letting you try before you buy. This can look a bit different for each course so here’s how it works: 

1. Complete the registration form below and we'll be in touch within five working days with the options available for the area of study you are interested in. Please check if there are any clothing/footwear requirements for your visit.  

2. Some of the options you might be offered include; 

  • A Student for a Day Experience: With this option, you can attend Toi Ohomai as if you were a student, giving you a true taste of what it's like here, and you can work out whether the study options you are considering are right for you. 
  • An Information Session: Course-specific Information Sessions can be run multiple times a year and you will be provided with a list of upcoming dates. In these sessions, you will be presented with all the information you need about your chosen course.  This is quite common for prospective nursing students. 
  • Kaimahi one-on-one: This is an option to meet with the Academic Tutorial Kaimahi who deliver the course of study you are interested in. 
  • Education Pathways Advisor one-on-one: If you are unsure what course or pathway you are interested in, we can arrange a one-on-one session with one of our Education Pathways Advisors which can include a campus tour.  

3. Report to the campus you are booked at, and you will be met or shown to the classroom or workshop. If, for some reason, you have not had any response to your request or you are experiencing problems with the system please contact us using the links at the bottom of this page. 

* Some of our courses are unable to offer a full day experience and what is offer for each course can vary depending on availability and capacity.

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Privacy: Your personal information will be held confidentially; it will only be used in relation to the 'Student for a Day' visit and will not be shared with any third party without your express consent, pursuant to the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.

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