Media Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toi Ohomai?

Toi Ohomai is a provider of vocational education with more than 13,000 students studying across nearly 86 delivery sites in the Bay of Plenty and South Waikato. 

With more than 200 study options, students can choose qualifications in business, creative arts, engineering, forestry, health and nursing, hospitality, marine science, road transport, tourism, trades and more. Courses range from entry level, right through to postgraduate.

In 2022 Toi Ohomai became a business division of Te Pūkenga. 

Where is Toi Ohomai?

Toi Ohomai is proud to be one of the largest tertiary providers in the Bay of Plenty and South Waikato, with campuses in Rotorua, Taupō, Tauranga, Tokoroa and Whakatāne, as well as several specialised delivery sites across the rohe.

When was Toi Ohomai established?

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, as it was known then, was established in May 2016 as part of an amalgamation of two high performing institutions – Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in Tauranga and Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua. The institutions merged to better meet the education and employment needs of the region. 

Who are the spokespeople for Toi Ohomai?

Toi Ohomai has organisational spokespeople within the Executive Leadership team, those who can speak on faculty matters through the Deans, representatives from our support services, regional contacts, and staff who are considered experts in their field.

Please reach out to our media contact below, to arrange to speak with any of our spokespeople.

How can I contact a spokesperson from Toi Ohomai?

For all media enquiries, please contact Jessica Barnett, using the contact details below. 

RoVE Frequently Asked Questions

On 1 August 2019, Former Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced a major proposal to reform vocational education and training in New Zealand. 

Through the Review of Vocational Education (RoVE), the Government aims to create a strong, unified education system that is sustainable and fit for purpose. This includes delivering what learners, employers and communities need to be successful.

On 1 April 2020, as part of RoVE, Toi Ohomai officially became a subsidiary of New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST).

The long-term goal is for students to have more access to high-quality learning in the workplace as well as on campus. Eventually, it will become easier to move between learning in the workplace, on campus and online. People living in remote parts of New Zealand will have more opportunities to learn online, and there will also be more support to help all learners achieve their goals.

Industries will be more involved in setting the standards for what students’ study, to make sure they gain the relevant skills that employers want. It will also be easier for students to transfer to another part of New Zealand to learn, without it affecting the qualifications they’re training for.

Read our news stories about RoVE and NZIST  

Does Toi Ohomai support the changes proposed in RoVE?

Yes, we do. We believe this reform will future proof the vocational education training system and provide on-and-off job training in to one seamless and connected system. 

Toi Ohomai supports any changes that will ensure students continue to receive the highest standard of learning, irrespective of whether they choose to study on campus, on the job or online.

Read statements about RoVE from the Chief Executive of Toi Ohomai

What does this mean for domestic and international students at Toi Ohomai?

The changes are being introduced gradually and carefully. Our students are still able to complete their qualifications through Toi Ohomai. Students are also able to enrol in further courses.

All qualifications will continue to be honoured and there is no change to enrolments, location of study or the continuation of courses and qualifications.

In addition, support services will stay the same, fees will stay the same and students’ relationships with organisations such as StudyLink will also stay the same.

Industries will be more involved in setting the standards for what students’ study, to make sure they gain the skills that employers want. 

What does this mean for Toi Ohomai staff?

All existing employment agreements, whether collective or individual, have transferred over to the Toi Ohomai subsidiary ITP, with all associated terms and conditions including tenure and leave balances.

No reporting lines have changed as a result of the legislation coming into effect. The only difference is the reporting line for our Chief Executive, who now reports to our new Board of Directors and has a direct line to the NZIST Chief Executive.

Will Toi Ohomai change its name?

When Toi Ohomai officially became a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga we legally became ‘Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Limited’. We will not be introducing the ‘Limited’ into our brand – our trading name, who we are known as, won’t change, however all legal and official documents will have the ‘Limited’ applied.

Will qualifications from Toi Ohomai still be valid?

Yes. All qualifications are assured by the New Zealand Government and sit on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). There is no change to this status whatever happens with the reforms.

How do I find out more information?

For an in-depth overview of information about RoVE and answers to common questions please visit the official Government websites below:

Contact information

Media Contact