Darcell Apelu

Darcell Apelu


Faculty of Business, Design and Service Industries

Darcell teaches visual arts, moving images, collaborative projects and cultural theory at Toi Ohomai.

She has a keen interest in exploring identity in relation to legacy and storytelling, and ideas around how the body operates in social and cultural contexts.

Apart from being a creative and teaching, Darcell is passionate about woodchopping and timber sports, which has significantly influenced her creative research and practice. Darcell currently holds the title of NZ Women’s Sthil Woodchopping Champion.


  • John Fries Award Nominee (Oceania), 2015
  • Institute of Public Art Nomination (International), 2017
  • Inaugural recipient Lafaiki Artist in Residence (Niue), 2018
  • Inaugural recipient Yorkshire Sculpture Park (UK), Artist in Residence 2019