About Us

Toi Ohomai is part of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, together with all the other polytechnics in New Zealand. 
From 2023, all Toi Ohomai learners will be enrolled with Te Pūkenga, instead of Toi Ohomai. Right now, our people will continue to support our learners. They will still be enrolled in the same qualification and will continue to learn in the same way, in the same place, with the same people.
Being a part of Te Pūkenga means we will be more connected to the other organisations delivering vocational and applied education in Aotearoa New Zealand and we will work with them to share skills and knowledge to better help you succeed.
We are excited to be part of Te Pūkenga which has been set up as part of the Government’s Reform of Vocational Learning. Te Pūkenga is creating a network of online, on-campus and on-job learning to give learners more flexibility in what, where and how they learn. 
You'll see more communication about this change over the coming months. We want to reassure you that the learning of our ākonga will remain our priority.

8 April 2022 Announcement: Toi Ohomai is beginning our transition into Te Pūkenga, which will see all 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics across Aotearoa brought together into one network of on-the-job, on-campus and online learning.  
Today, our CE Leon Fourie, alongside Wintec Institute of Technology CE Dave Christiansen and Te Pūkenga CE Stephen Town, announced that this would be happening earlier than scheduled, as Wintec and Toi Ohomai will become part of Te Pūkenga by 31 May 2022.  Read the full article...

See also: 'Early Mover' FAQ for students

If you have any questions or would like more information about this please contact us.

Toi Ohomai Purpose

Partnering with iwi, industry and communities to deliver innovative learning.

Toi Ohomai Vision

To empower people and communities

Toi Ohomai Values

Toi Ohomaitanga were launched in May 2018, following extensive staff engagement and consultation:

Toi Ohomai values

Toitūtanga: We are courageous and humble in our pursuit of excellence

  • Being accountable and doing what you say you will do
  • Being bold and energised by new challenges
  • Empowering ourselves so we can be better than we know ourselves to be
  • Striving for continuous improvement on behalf of Toi Ohomai
  • Being resilient and perseverant, taking personal responsibility for overcoming obstacles 
  • Showing eagerness to grow, develop and improve by seeking feedback and coaching
  • Keeping others engaged with progress, including any delays or issues 
  • Setting stretching goals and holding others involved accountable for their contribution.
  • Demonstrating a continuous improvement mindset that considers how to engage and encourage others in the same pursuit

Manaakitanga: We uphold and strengthen the mana of others and our communities

  • Caring for and respecting ourselves, others and our environment
  • Making others feel safe, confident and at ease
  • Anticipating the needs of others and demonstrating consideration of these
  • Actively supporting team decisions and challenging team members who don’t
  • Providing thoughtful, honest feedback that is constructive and enables development
  • Representing Toi Ohomai proudly; honouring our legacy and all those that have contributed to our rich history
  • Seeking to understand others and establishing how one can contribute positively to their day and their mahi
  • Being supportive and cooperative with others even when under pressure
  • Celebrating our success and the successes of others

Whanaungatanga: We build and nurture relationships and connections

  • Creating a Toi Ohomai identity and sense of belonging to a successful organisation
  • Seeking and maintaining authentic partnerships, collaborations or connections that advance Toi Ohomai 
  • Welcoming contributions that enhance our business
  • Prioritising opportunities for building relationships that are in Toi Ohomai’s interest
  • Taking the time to be genuine with people and demonstrate interest in them
  • Being self-aware of how you support the needs of others 
  • Sharing information and feedback and supporting the development of others
  • Participating in Toi Ohomai events

Kotahitanga: We are united in our shared purposes

  • Supporting and acting for the collective interest ahead of personal interests
  • Welcoming diversity that strengthens our shared interests
  • Demonstrating commitment to and care for Toi Ohomai’s success
  • Proactively participating in Toi Ohomai initiatives that enhance our colleagues, partner, stakeholder and students’ experience
  • Recognising each of our colleagues for their contribution to Toi Ohomai and supporting their achievement
  • Practising collective responsibility so that once a decision is made we collectively work to ensure its successful implementation 
  • Embracing great ideas regardless of origin, rejecting the ‘not from here’ mindset