Renowned for its friendliness, geothermal activity and Māori culture, Rotorua hosts well over 1.5 million visitors each year making it New Zealand's most visited tourist destination.

Rotorua boasts an array of iconic experiences that encapsulate the spirit of this remarkable country. Here you'll experience the people's warmth, a proud spirit, a deep sense of history, and a quick humour.

One of the things that strikes most newcomers (other than the distinctive sulphur smell that is noticeable for the first day or two) is the high quality of both private and public gardens. It’s a mark of the pride that the people of Rotorua take in the city and community.

Being centrally located in the North Island of New Zealand, Rotorua is a 45-minute drive to some of New Zealand's best beaches. Venture a little further for skiing, wine-tasting and sight-seeing, all within easy reach.

Mokoia Campus is just 5km from the city centre of Rotorua, and travelling by bus between our campus and the city centre is easy.

Read The Story of Ihenga - the Māori explorer who discovered Rotorua.

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