Record-Breaking Fund Available From Charity House Project

The 2021 Toi Ohomai Charity House

Friday, 18 Mar 2022

Rotorua community organisations are set to benefit from a record-breaking fund of $140,000, from the Toi Ohomai Charity House project. 

The house, which was built in 2021, was recently sold and the profit will now be distributed to charities and community organisations, with applications for funding now open. 

The $140,000 fund is the highest amount of money in the history of the project, that  Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology and its Charity House partners have been able to donate back to the community. 

The Charity House project, which has been running since 2013, sees Toi Ohomai carpentry students build a home with support from industry partners. 

Professionals McDowell Real Estate has been on board since the project’s inception, using their expertise to market and sell the property, and the money raised is distributed throughout the community by the team at Rotary Rotorua Sunrise Charitable Trust. 

Toi Ohomai Faculty Dean Primary Industries, Trades and Infrastructure Brian Dillon says the team involved with the Charity House project are thrilled with the result.

“We know that this project is much more than just a house. We are incredibly proud of our students and tutors and industry partners who put so much effort into building this house.

“They should be proud of how their work has such a positive impact on our community.” 

Brian says the team is blown away at the amount of money that is available this year. 

“We’re thrilled to be able to assist our community in this way, and particularly at a time when many in our community are struggling.”

Rotary Rotorua Sunrise president David Jones says the Charity House project is an exciting and unique community initiative to be a part of. 

“We get to work alongside Toi Ohomai students training to become our next generation of tradespeople and entrepreneurs. 

“The Charity House project is proudly supported by the business community and has become a winning formula with the house sale proceeds being available to local community groups via grant applications.”

David says that as the designated charitable trust of the Charity House project Rotary Rotorua Sunrise looks forward to receiving many worthy applications for funds over the next three weeks.

Professionals McDowell Real Estate sales manager Kellie Kanara-Batt says the team at Professionals feels privileged to be a partner in the Charity House project each year. 

“Like everyone else involved, this is a fantastic opportunity to contribute towards the greater good for our community.

“Backing businesses in such an unpredictable environment gives a sense of achievement and a glimmer of hope to some organisations that really need that cash injection right now.”

Kellie encouraged those in need of a cash boost to apply for funding. 

“Good deeds with great outcomes enable greater results for Rotorua in general. Being part of this project is such a good feeling to see incredible teamwork produce rewarding benefits for all.”

Applications are open for three weeks from today, 18 March. To make an application for funding visit the Rotary Rotorua Sunrise website

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