Shaun Coxhead

Shaun Coxhead with tutor Carl Harris

Shaun Coxhead always had a passion for cars and hopes his career will enable him to travel the world. 

In 2018 Shaun enrolled in the Toi Ohomai Automotive Secondary Tertiary Programme and has since worked his way through multiple automotive qualifications. 

The Secondary Tertiary Programme (STP) offers high school students a first taste of an industry they are interested in, and for Shaun, it opened his eyes to his career pathway. 

Toi Ohomai Automotive tutor Carl Harris says Shaun excelled during his time on STP and successfully completed the five courses of the New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Engineering. 

He then started working at Northern Automotive Truck and Tractor in Katikati

“Shaun grew into the role, and we continued his pathway with him finishing Level 3 as a managed apprentice,” Carl says. 

Shaun says he chose to study at Toi Ohomai because he could start the Level 3 course while still attending high school. 

“This helped me get a head start and seemed obvious to continue at Toi Ohomai. 

“It’s been a good journey, working through each course and gaining more knowledge within the trade.”

Shaun's learning hasn’t stopped, and he is currently enrolled in the Level 4 Heavy qualification to add to his vast knowledge and capabilities. He hoped to have this course finished next year.

He says the support he has received from both his tutors and his employer has been great, enabling him to get through the work required. Shaun says he is enjoying the wide variety of work at Northern Automotive Truck and Tractor and no two days are the same.

“There is always a wide variety of vehicle repairs and servicing and maintenance, also on a range of vehicles from cars to trucks to tractors.”

Shaun hopes to keep learning and working his way up the ranks of the workshop, with the goal of being able to one day travel and work with his extensive range of qualifications and knowledge. 

“Automotive is a great skill to learn. It’s an industry with endless variety and opportunities.”

Northern Automotive Truck and Tractor owner Chris Wimsett says Shaun is the second apprentice he has trained and the support he has received from Toi Ohomai has been second to none. 

“We see the tutors at work every month to catch up with the boys. They inform me verbally and with an email about how they are going.”

Chris says automotive is a career with a lot of opportunities. 

“I’ve travelled the world and worked in all sorts of different industries, automotive, mining, marine, industrial/fixed plant and a bit of farming.”

He says aspiring automotive engineers need to have a passion for what they’re doing.

“It will give them the drive to learn with ease.”