BIOL5013 Marine Invertebrates (Level 5) (15 credits)

Marine invertabrates

The aim of this paper is for students to learn about the biology, physiology, ecology as well as identification and classification of marine invertebrates.

Whereas 90% of terrestrial biomass in a forest is plant life, in the ocean, most of the things attached to the bottom or visible in the water are animals. This course will give you the ability to recognise most of the animals you see on a rocky reef, a mudflat or sandy beach, and understand their role in the ecology of that environment. It will transform your diving experience and help you to make assessments about the health and function of that environment, which will be an incredibly useful skill in your career in environmental science. 

The paper also serves as an introduction to the world of smaller organisms upon which all of the bigger things like ourselves rely. 

Content includes:

  • Evolution and classification of marine invertebrates, including identification
  • Biology and ecology of a wide variety of marine invertebrates
  • Collecting, identifying and reporting details of specimens

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