Our tutors are the heart of Toi Ohomai and whānaungatanga is part of everything we do here. As students of Toi Ohomai, you’ll feel a sense of family, of welcome.

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  • Romany Prevette-Stanaway

    Romany Prevette-Stanaway

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Romany graduated with the Diploma in Marine Studies from Toi Ohomai in 2015. Her journey since graduating has led her to work in some unique and remote areas of the world ranging from dive instructing in the crystal clear Aegean Sea, to sailing around the Whitsunday Islands as a dive guide and deck crew on board a 50 foot yacht, to working as a… Read full profile

  • Aquaculture and Lab Technician, Kevin Green

    Kevin Green

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Kevin joined Toi Ohomai in 2013 as an Aquaculture and Lab Technician. Before arriving in the Bay he built up a varied body of work over 15 years, primarily in aquaculture.

    His previous experience ranged from producing and wholesaling ornamental fish and saltwater prawns on the sub-tropical east coast of South Africa, to farming and… Read full profile

  • Marine and Environmental Tutor, Lisa Denmead

    Lisa Denmead

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Lisa joined Toi Ohomai in 2016 and teaches across all three years of the marine and terrestrial courses at Toi Ohomai. Her teaching areas include terrestrial and freshwater ecology, invertebrate biology, statistics, and legislation. 

    She enjoys having the opportunity to travel with students on amazing field trips across New Zealand,… Read full profile

  • Marine and Environmental Tutor, Dave Guccione

    Dave Guccione

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Dave joined Toi Ohomai in 2007 and teaches papers on marine invertebrates, fisheries management, and statistics.

    "I’m passionate about teaching and sharing my experiences and critical thinking skills with our amazing students," Dave says.

    He's always been passionate about outdoor pursuits and put some direction into those pursuits… Read full profile

  • Erin Kennedy

    Erin Kennedy

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Erin joined the marine and environmental teaching team at Toi Ohomai in 2017. She teaches across all three years of the diploma/degree course, mainly in the areas of geology, terrestrial ecology, waste management and the regulatory environment. 

    Prior to coming to Toi Ohomai, she was teaching biology courses at the University of Auckland… Read full profile

  • Kathryn Ross

    Kathryn Ross

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Kathryn joined Toi Ohomai in January 2019 and teaches on the Graduate Diploma in Resource Management course.

    She completed a doctorate with a research focus on predictive modeling and management of intertidal habitats for shorebirds which helped to hone her skills and passion for wildlife monitoring and statistics.

    After a short… Read full profile

  • Paul Warren

    Paul Warren

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Having completed his Diploma in Marine Studies at Toi Ohomai in 2004, Paul enjoyed it so much he didn't want to leave and joined the teaching crew the following year.

    He's held several roles both practical and academic, including dive training, scientific diving, and skippering boats. He also teaches marine science and ecology,… Read full profile

  • Caroline Schweder-Goad

    Caroline Schweder-Goad

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Caroline teaches a range of subjects including marine mammals, aquaculture, marine tourism, fisheries management, marine reporting (projects) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

    After completing two bachelor’s degrees and a teaching diploma, she spent three years teaching science, biology and Spanish at a secondary school. She then… Read full profile

  • Simon Muncaster

    Simon Muncaster

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Simon's interest in the marine environment goes back to childhood.

    After completing a Bachelor of Science degree and taking a few years to explore the world, it was an easy decision for Simon to continue his learning journey with postgraduate research.

    He completed a master’s degree at the University of Otago Marine Sciences… Read full profile

  • Craig Morley

    Craig Morley

    Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Craig is an Associate Professor of Resource Management, which covers ecological modelling, conservation and biodiversity, environmental monitoring and sustainability, and bioeconomics.

    He holds a doctorate from the University of Canterbury and has worked for the University South Pacific in Fiji as a conservation biologist and at the… Read full profile